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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Detox Foot Pad

Share Posted by hendrastar at 5:50 AM
Today we bring you this special product, imported from Japan.


What is a Detox Pad / Patch ?

Detox Pads or more commonly known as detox foot pads (patches) or sap sheets, are made from totally natural tree and bamboo extracts. It is the culmination of centuries of knowledge known to the Japanese, and has been passed down through the generations.

It is reputed to help relieve fatigue, joint pain, headaches, skin rashes and many other health challenges. Apply our Detox Foot Pads (patches) on the bottom of both feet, before bed, and experience better sleep and wake feeling totally refreshed the following morning.

Applying detox foot pads is like receiving 24 hour reflexology treatment. Reflexology is an ancient healing art, using a specialized version of compression and touch that focuses on the feet. Reflex points in the feet reflect the entire body, and stimulating these reflex points promotes equilibrium in the corresponding area of the body.

How it Works

Our Detox Pad works just like the osmosis pressure in a plant. Tree roots transport water to other branches utilizing its semi-permeable membrane. The heat from the Detox Pad helps absorb perspiration from the bottom of our foot.

The bottom of the foot is the location where most of the nerves in our body end. Therefore, the Detox Pad is best used on the sole of the foot to clean out waste and toxic materials that are expelled in the form of sweat.


RM 1.20 Per Pack
* 1 Pack 1 Piece *

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